The quality product you already know, now at a much lower cost

As an architect or designer, you may already be familiar with Schüco’s comprehensive range of glazing solutions.

Along with the range of products available to homeowners, we also can supply and install co-ordinated façade systems and skylights for commercial applications.


The main ranges

Sliding doors

Designed with thermally insulated profiles and high quality gaskets, Schüco sliding units, which can be harmonised with their window and conservatory systems, are simple to use and almost silent in operation.

Folding doors

The Schüco folding door systems offers intelligent functionality and are space-saving, since the door leaf opens parallel to the static pane, folding aside to maximise the passage of light.

Conservatories and windows

The Schüco system matches conservatory and window sections with folding and sliding door systems. Thus all products can be harmonised across the complete project.

Facades and skylights

Schüco offer a unique co-ordinated modular system with which architects and designers can meet their requirements in terms of energy, security, automation and design. There are an extensive range of mullion and transom systems to suit different projects.

Working with us

The principals of The Platonic Folding Sliding Door Company have over thirty years of experience in architectural design and co-ordination.

Design guidance can be given at the outset of a project to arrive at the optimal solution in terms of appearance, economy and long term performance.

Individual projects can be priced at any stage of the design process, from outline to detailed design.

Our core values are quality, innovation, attention to detail and co-ordination. We aim to ensure that every project is completely successful in all these aspects.

We are here to answer your questions and provide a quote, whatever scale of project you are working on. Call Henry Harrison on 020 8891 5904 or email us with your details.