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Founded in 1951 in Ostwestfalen, Germany, Schüco has developed into a market leader in building envelopes worldwide. Schüco’s construction glazing products are renowned for their high quality, workmanship and innovation.

Due to economies of fabrication and marketing, many of these products can now be supplied within the UK at discounted prices for the first time. The Platonic Folding Sliding Door Company are bringing their renowned expertise and forty years experience of supplying top quality design products to bear on the glazing industry, to the benefit of professional architects, designers and homeowners.


Solutions for homeowners

The Platonic Folding Sliding Door Company are design led and able to lead home owners through the design process to find the optimum glazing solution for their project.

Commercial solutions

The Platonic Folding Sliding Door Company have decades of experience in the design industry and are in a unique position to guide architects, designers and specifiers to the appropriate products for their projects throughout the UK.

Why are these the world’s best?

Schüco have evolved from local shopfront manufacturers to global pioneers of innovative applied  building technology in sixty short years. These benefits can be enjoyed by professional designers and homeowners in the UK.

Why our costs will be the lowest

The Platonic Folding Sliding Door Company have allied their long term design experience with the economies of  fabrication in Eastern Europe to ensure that the product cost to the customer will be as low as possible.

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